Sunday, April 10, 2005


... for my mom's awesome achievement in her education (next stop, PhD!!!)
... for a week-long vacation celebrated with family, friends and loved ones.
... for finally snorkelling! :-) (Scuba diving can be for another day...)
... a safe birth for my friend who was recently blessed with a baby girl (Congrats, Mami Jen!)
... for the kudos given to another writer friend from a recent literary review (Pao, you rock!)
... for a friend's educational achievement, a step closer to her dream of being a lawyer (asteeg, Zsa!)
... for fun and great times (still more to come!) with you...

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My galpal Kitty just recently renewed her blog. Check it out! :-)

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Just spent the early hours of today at Salcedo, where we opened the newest CBTL branch (dry run?). Was it fun? Only if you own it (hehehe), or live in the egenral area. It was nerve-wracking on my part, not to mention intense --- everybody was well, nervous. Highlights: the general area is a residency for the nouveau riche, the expats and the well-to-do of Makati, so we're hoping for good business and a good buzz. Also, it's closer to some of my friends' offices so it's a good hangout spot far from the crowds of Greenbelt. Lastly, well, it's finally open. hahahha. So check it out, k?

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Salcedo branch is at the G/F 4 seasons Bldg., Tordesillas st. cor Toledo st.,Makati (near the playground/park area of Brgy. Bel-Air

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